Check In/Out Instructions

Check In Time: 4-5 PM If you will be arriving after 5:00 pm, special arrangements need to be made. 

Check In Info

Air Conditioning:

While running the AC, please shut all doors. Do not put the AC below 74 degrees, it will cause the unit to freeze up. If you plan on being gone several hours at the time, please adjust the air to 80 degrees and turn off unnecessary lights.

Trash: Please see trash schedule from Marathon:

Please place the trash out the night before pick-up days and bring back in after pickup. If you are leaving on a day when trash is not being picked up, please do not place the cans out by the road.

Recycling: Please see schedule

Please do not put plastic bags in recycling.

BBQ Grills:

If you run out of propane during stay, please refill the tank and keep your receipt. We will reimburse you for the full amount. Please clean the grill if you use it.

Pools and Hoses:

Please do not touch the pool equipment. If there is a problem, call us immediately. Please make sure hoses and water faucets are completely turned off.

Refrigerators/Bait Freezer:

Please do not place bait in the refrigerator or unplug the bait freezer. Check the bait freezer daily to ensure it is cooling. Please allow several hours for the refrigerator to cool food after filling it with a load of groceries.

Check Out Procedures

Check out time is 9:00 AM. Please contact us if you would like a later checkout. Late checkouts without prior approval will be charged $50 per hour, deducted from the security deposit.

Please wash all towels and if you have time start a load of sheets. Do not forget to start the dishwasher, please do not leave any dirty dishes.

Please check everywhere for personal items and lock all windows and doors!

The maintenance bill or a $50 charge per violation of these policies will be deducted from security.

For any questions or comments contact: