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Let us turn your dream vacation into reality. Take the plunge and discover the breathtaking wonders of the Florida Keys with our expert assistance. Indulge in a wide range of thrilling water activities, from boating and diving to sport fishing and kayaking. Or simply unwind and soak up the sun at the local beaches. Let the warm ocean embrace and the gentle tropical breezes revive your soul. Get ready for the Perfect Getaway! At Keys Ocean Vacation Rentals, our team of professionals is dedicated to guiding you toward your ideal vacation in paradise. With an array of vacation rentals available, we cater to families of all sizes. Need an extended stay in the Keys? Inquire about our long-term rental homes. Trust us to handle all your rental needs in the captivating Florida Keys.

Discover Island Living

Find your perfect getaway on our diverse range of stunning islands. Navigating our islands is a breeze. Directions are given by mile marker, indicating whether your destination is on the Ocean or Bay side (also known as Gulf side). You'll enjoy the convenience of a single road—the Overseas Highway—as your gateway to paradise.

Embrace the relaxed vibe with sandals and shorts as your go-to attire, no matter the occasion. Immerse yourself in our laid-back atmosphere, teeming waters filled with vibrant marine life, and endless sunny days. And don't worry—we never tire of fish stories, sunshine, swaying palm trees, or the melodies of Jimmy Buffett.

Come and experience the magic of the fabulous Florida Keys, where we hope you'll find yourself amidst our enchanting islands.